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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A few new hats for little girls!!

I like finding new patterns and searching for both free and cheaper options too. I really like Ravelry. There are so many things you can find and most at no cost or for very little. It can also direct you to people's Etsy stores too. I came accross this site, RAKJ patterns. She offers a variety of patterns for very reasonable prices and is quick to respond if you have any questions.

I have made a few of her patterns but these 2 hats are the latest.

Sweet and Sassy Hat

Squiggle'n'Swirl Hat

I also love being able to find patterns for free. People put a lot of work into designing and making sure it will work. I found this pattern for a Ladybug hat at the site Crochet Everyday.

Ladybug Hat

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