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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Perfect Pet

I love animals. I grew up on a farm where we regularly had 20 cats - in the barn. My sister and I would hunt for the wild kittens, usually in the barn loft, and use my dads welding or insulated work gloves so we could catch them. Now that I have my own home I would love animals but we've tried and the cats don't last that long and our neighbors more than make up for our lack of pets.

I knew my neice loves cats too and I managed to find this pattern. It crochets into a cute little kitty that you can fit into your pocket - and it doesn't shed. I made a pair of them for my neice for Christmas - with their own little bag so she could carry them around.

I think I might have to make a couple for my daughter too. She loves cats. But I found this cat pattern so I might try it.

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