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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March - National Crochet Month

I heard the other day that March is National Crochet Month, so I thought I would chronicle my journey as a crocheter. It started out simple. I think my Grandma tried to teach me when I was 10 or 12. All I did was chain because I forgot how to go back and forth. Then, 12 years later, I found a craft book on a discount rack. As I browsed through it I found this picture of a beautiful rug - to crochet. I thought I could probably do it and bought the book.

I can't remember where I bought the book - somewhere that was closing I think. The book though is Leisure Arts - Trash to Treasure Home Dec, 1999. It's was a great pattern to learn on. Although it did take some time to prep, cutting up old sheets, it used sc and hdc throughout the project and it gave great instructions. So with the help of my grandma-in-law I made my first crochet project. (this is not one that I made). I think I have made 3 or 4, all different depending on what old sheets I could find around the house. I did use broadcloth in some too and it workd great.

I actually forgot about this project until I got thinking about all the things that I have made. I knew I still had the book but had to dig through a few drawers and storage tubs before I remembered where it was.

Throughout the month I'm hoping to put up posts with projects I have completed and some great sites I have come across. I probably won't be able to get one up everyday, but I will try my best.

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  1. Hey Jodi! You made this rug for my daughter when she was born! It's blue and still beautiful almost 7 years later. Thanks again! :) Coralie