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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Fun Photo Shoot

I had a chance to finish a few more photo props. My friend was gracious enough to take photos of her daughter with them. She is super cute and I love how the photos turned out. I'm pretty excited about the new props too.

The diaper cover has 3 flowers with clips so they can be rearranged or taken off. I also made a pom pom tail but didn't get pictures of that yet.

The infant Stork sack is really cute for photos. It can be used a few different ways. Soemone can hold it up or it can be tied around a stick that is being held. The baby could also be lying in it on the floor like with the infant bowl.

There are also a couple hat options too. A headband with detachable flowers, a little brimmed hat, and a bear hat.

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